Site overview - Access levels and rights
February 27, 2015 9:36 AM - BoerumHillScott
There are several levels of access that a user can have on the site:

Not Logged in:
- See posts i public groups
- See comments and images in public groups (except limited pubic groups)
- See list of Private groups with open membership, but cannot see content

User: Everything above, plus:
- Create comments on posts in public groups, including uploading images, and edit those comments. (with exceptions, see below).
- Join private groups with open membership.
- Create new private groups
- Be invited to private groups with closed membership.
- See count of New Post in public groups and joined private groups.
- Create new posts in joined private groups.

Private groups only: Group Moderator Everything from User, plus:
- Edit and delete posts and comments in the group.
- Ban members from group (except group moderators and owner).
- Invite members to groups with closed membership.

Private groups only: Group Owner Everything from Group Moderator, plus:
- Edit name and description for the group.
- Lock posts and make "sticky" for the group.
- Add and remove Group Moderator status from group members
- Assign new owner to group.

Public groups only: Site Author Everything from User, plus:
- Create new posts in public groups

Note: the access levels below are not turned on by default, but must be switched on in order to be used

Public groups only: Site Editor (RowerChick) Everything from Site Author, plus:
- Edit and delete posts and comments in public groups:

Site Administrator (Partridge, Pepper, Snappy) Everything above, plus:
- Lock posts and make "sticky" in public groups.
- Create new public groups.
- Edit name and description for public groups.
- Ban users from public groups.
- Approve new user requests.
- Block and delete users from site.
- Change site configuration settings.
- See user logs, except for IP address.
- Assign and remove Site Editors and Site Authors.

Note: Admins run with Author privileges by default, and must turn on the higher privilege level

Site Owner (BoerumHillScott) Everything above, plus:
- Change fundamental behavior of site.
- Assign and remove Site Administrators.
- See IP address in logs.
- See raw files, logs, and database records.
- Undelete/un-edit items

Note: Site Owner runs with Author privileges by default, and must turn on the higher privilege level

Note on ability to edit own content:

In general, the user who creates a post/comment can edit it, but there are a number of cases where a post/comment can no longer be edited, including the post being locked, leaving or being banned from the group, or leaving or being blocked from the site.
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