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March 11, 2015

Architect Proposal
September 21, 2015 1:59 PM - BoerumHillScott

Renovation Plans - New baths from old, other minor stuff
August 3, 2015 10:25 AM - BoerumHillScott

Renovation estimate 2
December 11, 2014 9:41 AM - BoerumHillScott

Renovation estimate
October 21, 2014 3:34 PM - BoerumHillScott
Here is the response from one Architect/Design/Build outfit, based on an e-mail exchange:

Thanks for reaching out to us. I didn't have a lot of time today to create a fancy excel budget for this project request, but I figured you might like my take on the nice detailed scope that you worked out sooner rather than later.... I roughed in basic numbers for a standard 18-20' wide by 40-45' deep townhouse, next to your scope of work items below. I then tallied it all next to your budget number. Unfortunately these rough estimates are quite a bit above where you wanted to be, but maybe there is a way to phase in this work. I could be high on some items depending on the exact scope, but I also think that there are likely scope items missing that I would have to take some more time to flesh out what they might be (beam structural repair work for one).

I would be happy to work with you as your architect, as many past clients have, whereby we use your budget as the fixed point (which my fee would be based on) and then design a project that fits within that budget. That method does mean that some tough scope of work decisions will need to be made, but it is better than designing your dream renovation in a money-less vacuum and only realizing as you are bidding out the job that it can't be built for your budget. Given the dozens of large scale townhouse renovations that we have performed, my estimates are not normally more than 15% up or down on the market given a defined scope.

Our architecture fee based on the generalized scope of work for a construction budget around $450,000 would be $36,000. This would provide concept designs, DOB filing drawings, and drawings necessary for construction. We can also provide design/build services whereby we will give you a bid for construction when we are nearing completion with the drawing set and you can decide at that point whether to hire us for the work or bid out to other General Contractors. We are happy to work as just your architect or as your design/builder and do not take offense if we don't win the bid for construction.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I am happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the project further if you are still interested.

Good Afternoon xxxxx,

I’ve known xxxx xxxxx for a few years now, and respect his opinions. My husband and I are in contract to buy a house in Bed-Stuy that needs a lot of TLC.

There are some violations that need to be cleared up by the current owners, so we could close as early as mid November or as late as mid March.

This is the laundry list of things we would like to get accomplished on our $500,000 budget:

Infrastructure, Rental unit - 2nd floor front half, 3rd floor
- Re-configure electrical for 2 units 16000
- Minor kitchen update (new gas line, stove) 7000
- Floor refinishing (3rd floor) 3500
- Floor refinishing or new floor (2nd floor, front half) 3500/8500
- New Bathroom with laundry 25,000
- 11 windows replaced 16000
- New Doorway to owner unit off foyer 1500
- New front and foyer doors 10000
- Interior Painting 12000
- Wall off stairs, create coat closet, new opening to basement stairs 8000
- New interior doors? 15000
- Replace oil boiler with gas ? 8500
- Split heating system into 2 units? 20000
- Split system AC/Heat pump – 4 units ? 25000
- Add 3rd floor deck, including supports, window replaced with door, fire escape reconfig? 20000
- Solar panels? (Solar Thermal) 16000 (pre rebates)
- Other energy efficiency? Insulation 15000 Air sealing (drywall level) 3000

Owner’s unit – Basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor back half
- Remove, add interior walls in basement 9000
- Replace sub-floor in back half of basement 2500
- 2 new doors to outside 5000
- laundry area in basement utility room 8000
- Remove small bath in basement 1500
- New master bath in basement 25000
- Minor renovations of 3 bathrooms 24000
- Remove 1 wall on first floor – kitchen 1500
- New enlarged kitchen – 17 feet + 4x3 Island 40000
- Spiral Stair from kitchen to 2nd floor 9000
- Enlarge window to door onto new deck 15000
- New deck in back 18000
- Tear down wall, add walls for closet, stair area – 2nd floor back half 8000
- New flooring in basement 7000
- New/repaired flooring on first floor 8500/4000
- New flooring 2nd floor, back half 4500
- Split system AC/Heat pump – 5 units 28000
- 9 windows replaced 15000
- Interior painting 14000
- Run gas to back of house for future grill and hot tub ? 4000
- Run electrical to back of house for future hot tub ? 1500
New casement/base mouldings throughout house - $15000

- Replace rotten soffits 6000
- New roof flashing at side adjoining neighbor 1500
- Replace small protrusion roof on 1st floor 5000
- Gutter repair 2500
- Seal outside ground corners 1500
- Paint 8000
- Replace siding with handiplank? 12000
- Rain barrels for gutters? 1500

Full architecture fees $42,000. DOB filing fee - ~$3000, expediting $2200, Engineering ~$15,000. Survey ~$900. Construction Estimate (includes 30% for PM, Insurance, Overhead/profit: $691,600.
Total Budget estimate: $755,000.

Pictures and floorplan:
Does this project and budget sound like it’s within the scope of what your firm could provide?

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