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REPOTD-August 10th 2011-Fountain House
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4th, Atlantic, and Flatbush traffic changes - 1 week later
August 9, 2011 9:23 AM - Open Thread - BoerumHillScott
It has been one week since the full implementation of the Atlantic Yards driven changes around the intersection of 4th, Atlantic, and Flatbush, and here's my perspective as a resident of block impacted and a frequent pedestrian through the area.

The heart of the changes was the shutting down of northbound 4th along the tiny block between Atlantic and Flatbush. That space was large enough to hold around 3 cars or one large truck in each lane without blocking the crosswalk or traffic lanes at Atlantic. Cars and trucks routinely blocked the intersection here, creating an unsafe situation for pedestrians had have to weave around cars to cross, or go into the Atlantic traffic lanes to get around trucks. This was especially a problem for people crossing with carts after shopping at Atlantic Terminal or Atlantic Center. The intersection routinely being backed up also led to cascading issues at Atlantic/Flatbush, and large amounts of honking through the area.

Since the changes, the crossing of 4th along the north side of Atlantic is obviously easier and safer. I have also noticed a huge decrease in honking along Atlantic. There has been an increase in traffic along Atlantic between 4th and 3rd, especially truck traffic. In my unscientific observations, the reduced honking has more than made up for the increased truck noise.

Traffic lights and walk signals were also changed because of the new traffic pattern. The largest change was adding an additional cycle for Northbound 4th to have a protected left turn onto Atlantic. This has led to increased wait time for pedestrians crossing Atlantic, which impacts people trying to go form the north side of Atlantic to the subway entrance at 4th and Pacific. I have noticed the additional wait time, but it has not been too annoying.

Overall, I would call the changes a success. A major safety issue and annoyance was taken away and replaced with more minor annoyances.

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Townhome for sale 299K
August 8, 2011 8:27 PM - Real Estate - Townhouselady
Hey all,

One of my best friends is getting a divorce and has listed her townhouse. I wanted to put it up here just in case anyone was slightly tempted to have a look-see and possible make the jump to Jersey City:

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Not sure what is causing this bug, but I'm looking into it.

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