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should be, rather obviously, filed under the heading, “You
Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” but a kind young lady… Ms.
Schyler Capo, of northern Virginia, saved a baby
woodpecker from the jaws of a neighborhood cat
recently. Having saved the young bird, she took it home
to nurse it back to health before returning it to the wild. A
federal bird and wildlife official, having heard of her good
deed did what any self-respecting government official
would do under the circumstance: he fined her….
$525!!!... for transporting an endangered species.
Actually, to be fair, the official fined young Ms. Capo’s
mother, but that seems hardly to soften the stupidity of
his action.

This is the very heart of the problem with government
these days: it is too intrusive; it is too “Big Brother-y” and
it is “stoopid” beyond belief. But such is what the Left
creates when it allows government to become so large
and so intrusive that it errs in manners such as this.

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