Partridge's Bow Tie Pasta and Shrimp
July 15, 2012 8:53 AM - Food - Cobble B. Hiller
Partridge's Bow Tie Pasta and Shrimp

I've had something similar at one of my Bay Ridge favorite restaurants, just can't remember which. It is easy to make for company as the timing is not critical. This recipe will serve 2 if that's all you are eating, or 4 with a salad and dessert!

2 tbsp olive oil
7 med Bella mushrooms
Fresh peas about 15 pods
4 to 6 cloves of garlic
1/3 lb pre-cooked peeled shrimp
1/3 to 1/2 cup heavy cream (you decide the calorie content)
1/2 lb bow tie pasta
1 sprig of fresh tarragon
cracked black pepper and

Shell the peas and place in small bowl.
Using a paper towel "brush" the mushrooms of any soil. Slice mushrooms.
Separate 4 to 6 cloves of garlic from the head. Leave the skins on.
Pull tarragon leaves from sprig. Roughly chop.

Bring a large pot a water to a boil. Add salt (about a 1/2 tsp).
Snip garlic cloves on the pointy end to allow for ventilation (this will prevent explosions). Place in oven proof ramekin or pyrex bowl. Drizzle with olive oil until skins are coated. Bake in toaster oven at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Remove and set aside to cool.
In a large frying pan, saute mushrooms in olive oil for 4-5 minutes stirring frequently. Squeeze garlic from skins and slice. Add garlic, cream, peas cook another 5 minutes. Add cooked shrimp during the last 2 minutes of cooking.
While sauteing the vegetables, add pasta to boiling water and cook 'til al dente. About 10 minutes. Drain pasta. Add pasta to frying pan with vegetables.
Turn off gas. Add tarragon, salt to taste and plenty of cracked black pepper. Stir everything until well coated. Serve!!!

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World's Dumbest :-)
July 10, 2012 10:52 PM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere
Man sets house on fire after using blowtorch on spider webs
By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow

Firefighters work to put out a blaze accidentally started by a man trying to kill spiders (Jason Halley/Chicoe

If Eiliya Maida thought he hated spiders before, imagine how he must feel now. The California man accidentally set his house on fire while using a blowtorch to clear spider webs out of his backyard.

The Chico Enterprise Record reports that dry plants in Maida's backyard ignited as he was attempting to burn the webs. The plant fire then spread to the house, starting an attic fire. Maida was apparently unaware of starting the house fire until his brother-in-law George Basbous noticed the blaze.

"And that's when I went crazy," Basbous said.

Maida's wife and two children safely exited the house, and no one was injured in the fire. Still, firefighters were forced to cut a hole in the house's roof to put out the flames. Chico Fire Chief Keith Carter said the fire would have mushroomed if they hadn't created the hole.

Fire Inspector Marie Fickert told the paper that the family has been displaced as a result of the fire, which did approximately $25,000 in damages.

Ironically, this article from Science Blogs states that the best way to reduce the local spider population is to cut down bushes and plants outside the home. In other words, if Maida had focused his efforts on gardening rather than firepower, he might have gotten rid of the spiders without damaging his home.

Still, it could have been even worse. Fickert said a recently reopened fire station near the Maida home minimized the damage.

"We are so pleased that Chico Fire Station 5 has reopened because that gave us a faster response," she said.

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