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August 4, 2012 6:46 AM - Open Thread - dibs
Early to bed, early to rise.

Of course a bottle of wine helps too

For you Philistines, that's a blue hydrangea. They were discussed once here when Pete posted about his.

August 3, 2012 10:38 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere

I will don my "Chief BookMaker" hat for PLUSAmark, LLC once more and will be publishing a PLUSA Yearbook. If there is a particular thread or funny line that you think should be included, please find it and email it to me. Please note that I have been having trouble finding things, even in Google cache, so I need you to help me locate things. Please try to find all your suggestions yourself. Sorry, but if you can't find it and I can't find it, it will not be included in the yearbook. Also, do not, I repeat, DO NOT put your suggestions here in the threads. I am not going to try and pull them from this and coming OT threads. You must email them to me. Right now the tentative deadline is August 31st. When the yearbook is finished, you will receive a link to purchase it ONLY IF YOU ACTUALLY INTEND TO BUY IT. This will be done for privacy purposes. To keep costs down, I will be trying to keep the page count down to about 80 pages or so, so please understand that some things can't be included in its entirety or at all. We are going for humor here. Please keep that in mind when emailing me your suggestions and links to funny threads/comments. Thanks.

Friday Open Thread
August 3, 2012 12:36 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere

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August 2, 2012 7:11 AM - Open Thread - More4Less
Glad the rain has stopped, it ain't too hot, and weekend is around the corner - yeah boy!!! Gotta go so someone post the POTD

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August 1, 2012 1:26 AM - Open Thread - CGar
Happy Birthday +1 Arkady!!!!!!!!!!

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July 31, 2012 5:55 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere

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July 30, 2012 7:51 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere

July 29, 2012 12:02 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere
It's our anniversary! One year ago, Scott created this playground for us after the demise of our old OT playground at 'Stoner. All hail Scott, Blogmaster of the year!!!

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July 28, 2012 8:32 AM - Open Thread - dibs

Friday Open Thread
July 26, 2012 11:53 PM - Open Thread - MontroseMorris
How do you thank everyone who had anything to do with the wonderful party last night? We had the best time!!! I just read the book, and am still crying. You are a wonderful group of people, and I am happy and proud to call you all friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As James Brown would say, "HUH!"

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July 26, 2012 7:16 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere

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July 25, 2012 7:37 AM - Open Thread - InsertSnappyNameHere